Remember to complete and publish your toolkit self-assessment by 30 June 2022

Deadline for 2021-22 toolkit self-assessment publication

Your organisation needs to complete and publish its Data Security Protection Toolkit self-assessment by 30 June 2022.

The DSPT online self-assessment tool allows organisations that process health and care data to measure their performance against the National Data Guardian’s 10 Data Security Standards. 

Health and care organisations that have access to NHS Patient Data and Systems should complete and publish a DSPT self-assessment every year against the standard to provide assurance that they are practising good data security and they are handling personal information correctly, including maintaining the security of patient information.

Publishing an annual DSTP self-assessment will also help your organisation demonstrate its GDPR and cyber maturity, and its NHS contractual obligations. 

What to do now

Please log in your DSTP account and complete your assessment for 2021-2022.  If you completed an assessment for 2020-2021 where evidence items have not changed for 2021-2022, your existing responses have been carried forward to your new toolkit. You should review and confirm these as well as working on any new/changed evidence items.

Remember to complete and publish your self-assessment by 30 June 2022.

Here are some resources to help you complete your assessment: 

If you have any questions or require help with your assessment, then please contact us