1. Quick start guide (updated 26 March 2019)

This document provides a guide to the Data Security and Protection Toolkit for all users and a seperate Step by Step guide to working through the evidence required developed with the Care Provider Alliance.

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit has been designed to be easy to use, without reference to detailed guidance documentation.

A quick start guide is provided on this page, which provides an overview of the system.

This document will be updated regularly as new functionality is deployed to the system. If you have any feedback on this document, please email cybersecurity@nhs.net

A guidance document for administrators (which encompasses user management and how to confirm an assertion) is also available via the help menu.


Version control:

0.3 First published draft

0.4 Updates to reflect new registration functionality

0.5 Updates to reflect recent system development (including changes to content / language, met / not met functionality)

1.0 Updates following review

1.1 Updates following functionality releases and screen changes

1.2 Updates following review.

1.3 Updated to reflect new functionality and design changes