Notification of decommissioning – Information Governance Toolkit (12 June 2019)

With the successful implementation of the Data Security Protection Toolkit, the Information Governance Toolkit will be decommissioned in the following six months, with the deadline being no earlier than the end of October 2019.


Once decommissioned, all data is to be archived and held in a retrievable format until May 2027.  In order to retrieve any data, a request will need to be raised with the Exeter Helpdesk at or 0300 303 4034.


We understand that many organisations may wish to download and retrieve details of their IGT submissions before the service is archived and have prepared the enclosed guidance material:


Guidance on resetting accounts:

IG Toolkit Access - USERS 2019.docx


Guidance on retrieving data

IG Toolkit Obtaining Documents - 2019.docx